The recruitment to the State Tourism Agency shall be carried out by passing the competition and interview stages organized by the State Examination Center in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on "Civil Service".

Detailed information on volunteering can be obtained by visiting this link:

You can get detailed information about the National Star Classification and how to apply for it here:

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 21, 2015 "On some measures in the field of licensing" shall not be considered for a special consent (license) for hotel and tourism activities.

It is necessary to apply to the relevant tax authority and obtain a TIN as an individual or a legal entity.

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Yes, it can. According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 632-VQD dated April 25, 2017 "On Amendments to the Housing Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan", the following hotels and hotel-type facilities are considered residential areas.

Residential areas can be used as accommodation facilities as listed below.

Types of accommodation facilities:

  1. Hotels and motels
  2. Sanatoriums
  3. Boarding houses
  4. Convention centers with accommodation facilities
  5. Rest houses
  6. Rest bases
  7. Recreation centers
  8. Guest houses
  9. Health camps
  10. Sports camps
  11. Hunter (fisherman) houses
  12. Tourist bases
  13. Tourist houses
  14. Campsites
  15. Residential houses (villas, cottages, country houses, etc.)
  16. Apartments (rooms) in apartment buildings
  17. Hostels
  18. Mountain shelters
  19. Child health camps
For the use by the owner of the residential areas and residential houses of the multi-apartment building belonging to the private housing stock as the means of accommodation mentioned above pursuant to Chapter III of the Housing Code not required to transfer residential area to non-residential area.

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