On June 9, 2009, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Voluntary Activities" was adopted. The provisions, directions of action, rights and duties shall be reflected in the law to ensure the voluntary activity of Azerbaijani citizens on both local and international platforms.
After the adoption of the relevant law, volunteer movements, Public Unions and volunteer programs operating under many central executive bodies were established.

"Tourism Volunteers" Organization has started the membership process to support the activities of the State Tourism Agency in our country, to gather young people studying tourism in Baku and the regions who are interested in working in this field around a single platform, to create conditions for the relevant young people to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism policy, and at the same time to support the formation of civil society.
Young people studying in the field of tourism or who want to work in the relevant field can take advantage of the opportunities that will be created as members of the organization.

The main goals of the "Tourism Volunteers" Organization are as follows:

  • Training of professional specialists in a sustainable manner in the field of tourism in the country;
  • Informing volunteers about tourism in an enlightened and conscious manner, and at the same time, creating conditions for them to be involved in activities related to the relevant field, to make their contributions, to implement various development concepts, training and seminars for the purpose of their personal development;
  • To create an opportunity to promote the concept of tourism among citizens, their methods of supporting the development of tourism and their personal budgets, tourism awareness in general through volunteers trained in Baku and the regions and trained by special experts;
  • Creating a single base of tourism volunteers, grouping them into categories and involving them in activities in various directions in the field of tourism.

The activities of the institution will be organized in the following form:

  • Increasing the level of awareness with the support of volunteers in Baku and regions;
  • Work with young people studying in educational institutions located in Baku and regions;
  • Carrying out work in the direction of promotion of reserves and historical-cultural monuments;
  • Organizing the trainings, seminars and projects within the Volunteer Development Concept;
  • Organizing the public services by volunteers;
  • Involvement of volunteers in the projects implemented by the State Tourism Agency and its subordinate institutions.

It should be noted that the "Tourism Volunteers" Organization is a youth platform which plans to coordinate the activities of its member youth, to create conditions for their development and for volunteers to gain experience in the field of tourism at the national and international level, to conduct work in the field of implementation of various development concepts, projects and programs for training professional specialists in the field of tourism in the country, formation of leadership abilities of tourism volunteers, familiarization of volunteers with nature reserves, historical and cultural-heritage monuments located in our country, instilling the concept of tourism through volunteers in the regions.

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